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The Ideology

Transhumanism is a philosophical movement devoted to promoting the research and development of robust human-enhancement technologies. Such technologies would augment or increase human sensory reception, emotive ability, or cognitive capacity as well as radically improve human health and extend human life spans.

The Transhuman Coin is a cryptocurrency dedicated to funding research and development of technologies that enhance Human Life Experience. In our 1st anniversary, we reported on successful projects funded by the Transhuman Coin.

There have been a lot of meme projects lately and none of them had an actual utility that would make the project useful long term. THC is the coin that invests in Future Human Technologies. We are futuristic.

We promote transparency and accountability by ensuring that every funding application is voted for by $THC holders - this makes Transhuman Coin the Governance token of the transhumanism community.

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Where To Find Transhuman Coin

Our Team

Peter Xing
Peter Xing
Dr. Charles Awuzie
Dr. Charles Awuzie
Co-Founder & CEO
Alyse Sue
Alyse Sue
Co-Founder And Management Team
Dr.Avinash Singh
Dr.Avinash Singh
Dev Team Leader
Dr. José Luis Cordeiro Mateo
Dr. José Luis Cordeiro Mateo
Scientific Advisor
CEO at Taslyhealthpac Fort Healthcare Pty Ltd
Medical Doctor specializing in Dermatology
SAB Member
Top Investor
Member, SAB
Andrew Corkran
Andrew Corkran
Community Moderator

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need To Understand Transhuman Coin Is Here.

Transhumanism is a global movement of over 2 million people who want to apply science and emerging technologies to extend their healthy human lifespans, enhance their intelligence and improve their wellbeing. Transhuman Coin is the official currency of the transhumanism movement, with 20,000 holders and an all-time high market cap of $20m. We are empowering the community to accelerate projects which enable us to live healthier, smarter and more fulfilling lives through customer loyalty programs to invest into transhuman projects around the world. This establishes a global Transhuman Network State to unite the movement across people, places and laws on-chain.

Join our telegram group and trigger the word "proposal" to apply. We will set up a poll to vote for your proposal.

Transhuman Coin has contributed in projects like Abby by Gogotech,, FOXG1 Research Foundation Australia, and transhumanist organizations like Transhumanism Australia, US Transhumanist Party, TAFFD, TransVision Madrid, and Singularity Group. Our goal is to unite transhumanists, accelerate adoption, and increase value for holders worldwide. Supporting transhumanist films, such as The Last Generation To Die. For more information, JOIN COMMUNITY

You can buy Transhuman token at PancakeSwap. Chart can be found at PooCoin and BoggedFinance. Set the slippage to 8% or more and you`ll be a happy mooner with us.

Tokenomics total supply 7,000,000,000 2% of every Transaction is sent to Marketing Wallet, 2% is redistributed to holders including the Transhuman Fund Wallet and 2% is sent to the Liquidity Pool.

Slippage is 8% or more, 6% Tax on each transaction, 2% goes to marketing, 2% Sent To Liquidity Pool, and 2% redistributed proportionately to each holder as our “thank you” for holding $THC.

Yes, we have bridged to IoTex blockchain to enable us sync data from our Medical IOT devices to the block. We have also launched a blockchain ownership verification system on IoTex Blockchain.

Phase 1

Create & Audit Smart Contract
Launch Website
Listing on Pancakeswap

Phase 2

Promotion Campaign
Real World Campaign
Hit $20 Million MCap
Registered as a Delaware LLC

Phase 3

Make First Investment
Buyback & Burn Weekly
List on Coingecko
List On CoinMarketCap

Phase 4

Build P2P Exchange
SWFT AllChain Partnership
Launched Staking Platform (Discontinued)
Bridged THC to IoTex
Launch ValidFi on IoTex
Registered Valid.Finance Ltd in UK

Phase 5 In progress

Launch Live to Earn on IoTex
Launch P2P Exchange
Launch Transhumanist E-store
Bridge to IoTex
Researchers Apply for Grants
Secure Funding
Insure THC Ecosystem

Phase 6

Launch of decentralized laboratories in Metaverse
Scientific Advisory Board reports on THC funded projects
Invest in Research & Development

To The Metaverse

Launch The Transhumanist Metaverse
Functional Transhumanist Economy
Functional Transhumanist Network State